This was one of my most unexpected and massive surprise of my art career. To be on the same list as one of my high school idol the great Richard Corben.

Village Voice best of 2012

The Fed: Book Three “He Buries The Truth” – by Tony Bourne

Here’s what you need to know: Space aliens live right next door to you. They have for thousands of years and control every aspect of life on Earth. Known as The Federation of Worlds (Earth Chapter), they use men like Butch Simms to protect that secret and the alien‛s interests. Snatched from the past, seconds from sure death, these men and women are enhanced, and trained to protect our alien rulers.

What’s come before: Agent Butch Simms and his team have been attacked by a killer clown, a bar full of aliens on the Moon, and had their offices destroyed. Just a normal couple of days for Agents of the Federation of Worlds.

Now: All that has led to an invasion by an alien artificial intelligence horde from space.

Though this GN is not recommended for children, there are big robot monsters, space AND time travel, and HUGE explosions! Good, old-fashioned comic book fun! And Tony is a local artist (and friend of the Rickman) who will be appearing at East Side Mags in Montclair, New Jersey on Saturday, July 30th, from 1-6pm!

You can get all three volumes with signatures and sketches, and , if you’re nice, a big hug from Tony! (No promises, though. I suggest a shower and perfume might help that happen.)

Rating: 4 Masks out of 5