The Gen-Eg Book Bundle



Get book one and two from my series Gen-Eg AND one poster for one low, low price.

GEN-EG is a story about allegiance. The story takes place around 66 a genetically created super soldier. Our hero is the property of a repressive and powerful dictatorship known as Westfor. 66 and the other members of The Pack were created, born and raised to kill the enemies of the state. After a time the “Tools” start to question their place in society. Just as things get out of hand, a global war breaks out between Westfor and its dreaded enemy the Bloc Alliance. The personal war of 66 is put aside to fight the greater enemy. 66 and the Pack are thrown into the slaughterhouse of very advanced warfare. Somehow the “Gen-Egs” have to fight both the Bloc Alliance and the bigotry from their own side. The true question is: How can you have blind and unquestioning allegiance to a government. That doesn’t even consider you a citizen or even human?